ArcGIS 10.1 / 10.2 extension compatibility

Discussion created by p.kennedy@fugro.com.au on Dec 4, 2013
we have a bunch of ArcMapextensions written in c# which use the dockable window controls (.net 4).  They do not use COM objects, just the .net framework 4.0.  They use the .addinx installation process.

They install and work perfectly in 10.1, but under ArcMap 10.2, they install without trouble, but when we try and start them ArcMap crashes, and sends a report back to ESRI.

I tried looking for log files as to where the problem lies, but it looks like they are sent in the email to ESRI and you do not use the windows error logs.

My question is this:  Are c# extensions compiled fro 10.1 compatible with 10.2?  If not, what do we need to do to make them work under 10.2?

If the developers roll to 10.2, will the resulting extensions work with 10.1?

I would have hoped you would have built in at least some backward compatibility.