ArcPad 10:  No GPS on GeoXH

Discussion created by omnni on Jul 8, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2010 by nwray
I did a clean install of ArcPad 10 on a Trimble GeoXH (2008 series).  Previously, I had been running the beta version (Beta 2) with no GPS issues, just slow performance.  With the "final" version installed, performance is much better, but I cannot connect to the internal GPS.  Because Trimble GPScorrect is not compatible with ArcPad 10 at this time (per my Trimble vendor), I uninstalled it, so I am only running ArcPad 10 on the unit.

I've tried both COM2 (NMEA serial port) and COM3 (TSIP serial port) in ArcPad, but nether one receives a GPS signal.  I can go into the GPS Controller application on the GeoXH and it appears to be tracking satellites (on COM3).

COM2 (without GPScorrect) seemed to work in Beta 2, but something seems to have changed in the final version.  Any ideas?