Geodatabase Design

Discussion created by stephanieduce on Jul 8, 2010
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I have a lot of data including roads, drainage, contours, land use, habitat, shorelines, marine protected areas (.shp) as well as DEMs etc.... for a group of islands. I would like to organise this data into one, or more than one, geodatabase(s). I have not worked with geodatabases before (though have done quite a lot of work with GIS) and am not sure how best to approach this.

- Would it be best to make my own data model or to add my data to an original data model such as ArcMarine etc...

- Should I create separate geodatabases to house the terrestrial data and the marine data? If I do will it be fine to work with them both simultaneously in ArcMap? They are both the same coord system.

- Would it be appropriate to divide each island's data (i.e. roads, infrastructure, buildings etc..) into a separate feature dataset within a geodatabase?

Any help will be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance,