LotInner and LotCorner??

Discussion created by pbcote on Jan 29, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2017 by FrancisBase
I'm trying to learn some CGA by reverse engineering simple scripts.  I'm going through the Reporting01 cga that is part of the new tutorial 11.  I hjave figured out every line in this script except for the rules:

LotInner --> Lot
LotCorner --> Lot

I'm trying to figure out what these do.  When I search the CGA reference for these terms nothing useful comes up.  I can comment out these lines and things change subtly in the generated models, but not like I would expect (something to do with corner lots and inner lots...

When I search the forums I see that there are people who seem to know how to use LotInner and LotCorner, but I have not found any functional explanation.  Is there a CGA coding guide or reference that covers these keywords. 

Thank you
Paul Cote.