Locate through EXIF geotagged data from photos or CAD files

Discussion created by rheadgroup on Feb 5, 2014
I am having a play with Esri Maps for SharePoint on a trial subscription. The support line was unable to tell me if it is even possible to do, as my level of support only goes as far as installation!...

Anyway, I'm wondering if it is possible to determine a location from a photo or CAD file uploaded to a document library. I know that photo's have EXIF data attached which we can rip out the longlat coordinates, but does Esri Maps or ArcGIS online (I'm still having trouble fully understanding the difference) have the ability to locate out of the box?

Appreciate any help you all can give, only just picked this product up so still unsure of its capabilities. - Support DID tell me that it should be possible as it is possible in the office version, so I'm just wondering if and how I can do it when I upload an image or CAD file to a document library.