Calibri Font issues in PDF after ArcMap Export

Discussion created by parkerwittman on Nov 19, 2010
Latest reply on May 20, 2013 by jmorris-esristaff
Hi All,

I'm encountering a mysterious issue when I export a map layout to PDF:

I'm trying to use the Calibri font that comes standard with Office 2007+ on my layout. After exporting to PDF (with or without embedded fonts), some of the Calibri text is garbled (see attached PDF).

System information of note:
OS = Windows 7 Pro 64bit
ArcGIS ver = 10 sp1
Adobe Acrobat ver = Acrobat Standard 9.3.4

Other clues/information of (possible) note:
(1) when I select/copy the characters out of the PDF and paste them into something like Notepad, I get a bunch of unknown "[?]" characters.
(2) when I peek into the PDF and look at the document properties the normal Calibri font is embedded as a CID font with Identity-H encoding. All the other fonts (including Calibri bold and italics) are embedded normally, with ANSI encoding.
(3) this seems to happen with ONLY Calibri. It also seems somehow related to the combination of characters in the strings. Different words = different results. "I"s and "N"s seem suspect.

Totally bizarre. Fairly maddening. Calibri is a slick font and I'd like it on my map.

Any thoughts?