ArcGIS 10 Tutorial, silent install with options?

Discussion created by rastrauch Champion on Jul 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2010 by rastrauch
Does anyone know where to find info on installing the Tutorial in silent mode, but only selecting certain parts, not the entire set? I use...

msiexec /I Tutorial\setup.msi /qb+

for the full install, but many of the extensions are not needed. I would like to be able to thin down the 2GB+ install for the extensions we do not have, but make it transparent to my users.  It's not critical, with the size of many of the harddrives these days, but we still have some older system with limited space.  Does it maybe just use the same keywords as the Desktop install?

On a related note, the PatchFinder still lists the 10 tutorial as "ArcGIS Tutorial Data 9.3" but the 10UnistallUtility does not have a problem with it (i.e. it sees it as current so you can still install Desktop, etc.)

Thanks for any insight.