Installed Arcgis Desktop 10 SP1 and cannot connect to the license server

Discussion created by aht505 on Nov 3, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2011 by aht505
I had installed Arcgis Desktop 10 and it was working fine. I could connect to the license server.
But yesterday I installed Arcgis desktop 10 Service Pack1 from this website
And since then I am unable to connect to the license server. Whenever I open Arcmap, I get this error - "Canont connect to license server system". I have attached screen shot of error message.

The version of the license manager is Arcgis Desktop 10 License Manager. The Service pack for license manager is not installed on that license server, however one of my collegue has arcgis desktop 10 SP1 but he is able to connect to that license server. I am not sure why its not wrokign on my machine

thanks a lot...