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    Arc Hydro conflicts with Visual Studio Debugging, missing "CreateHEPBridge.vb" module

      Hey Guys,
      I recently installed ArcHydro 10 and rhave run into a small problem.  When i try to develop add ins in Visual Studio 2010 that are completely unrelated to Arc Hydro, i have issues when i try to debug my project.
      As soon as i try to add my own project (again, nothing to do with Arc Hydro - can't stress this enough) it crashes in VS because it can't find the "CreateHEPBridge.vb" module (see pic attachment for the error message screen capture).

      Has anyone encountered this before?  Is there a way to have ArcHydro 10 installed and still be able to develop in VB.NET in VS 2010

      I am running Windows server 2008R2 64 bit...