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    (Again) Permanent relocation the fields in the attribute table,

      (Again) Permanent relocation the fields in the attribute table

      I�??m not sure if there is a tool that can presentably keep the new position of the fields as we change them from one place to another

      For example, in the attached screenshot, if I need to permanently move the filed named �??Community_Eglish�?� to the indicated position, then which tool I can use?


      Sure, If I move that field to the indicated position (drag and drop), this this would be temporary such that if we re-added the layer then the field will get back to its original position!

      I got a help through the forum on how I can �??Sort�?� the records of the attribute table permanently according to certain fields. The tool is �??Sort�?�! NOW, how could the field be moved to a new position permanently?

      Thank you in advance,