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    ArcGIS10: OLE DB Connection-Create Feature Class from XY Table of accdb. No Points?

      Hi all,
      In my ArcCatalog 10, I have "Table8Pts" for 8 sets (points) of XY coordinates in Access 2007/OLE DB Connection.  I clicked on "Create Feature Class" => From XY Table => Added the Geographic (or Projected) Coordinate System => WGS_1984_World_ Mercater => executed the process for the "Create Feature Class" OK.  It generated a shapefile "XYTable8Pts in ArcCatalog 10. In my ArcMap 10, I added the Data of the "XYTable8Pts" shapefile to the Layers.  It worked also. But I can't see the 8 points appeared on the right-hand-side of pane/screen. See the attached file for details.  I do not how to make the 8 points appeared on the screen.  Please help and advise me how to make the 8 points appeared on the  right-hand-side of pane/screen.
      Scott Chang