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    Multi Line Label with Analytical Data

      I am trying to place multi-line labels with Maplex containing environmental lab data on point features (soil borings/monitoring wells) using an expression similar to:

      [Soil$.SampleID] &vbnewline& [Soil$.DateCollected] &vbnewline&"Depth "& [Soil$.Depth] &vbnewline&"BTEXM "& [Soil$.BTEXM] &vbnewline&"PAH "& [Soil$.PAH] &vbnewline&"TPH-G "& [Soil$.TPH_G] &vbnewline&"TPH-D"& [Soil$.TPH_D]

      I have several questions  1) I cannot figure out how to fully justify the text while in Maplex.  I am aware that you can right, left or center justify the text, but I wish to fully justify it.  It seems that the standard ESRI labeling extension allows for this option but Maplex does not.  2) I also was wondering if there was a more efficient way of doing this?  Sometimes I have a dozen of more analytical results that need to be placed on the label. 

      Any help would be much appreciated.[ATTACH=CONFIG]13411[/ATTACH]