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    Blank ArcToolBox: no tool at all!  ArcGIS 10


      ArcGIS 10 was setup on my computer last week, but since then, the ArcToolBox is blank.
      I mean there are no tools displayed in the window, just "ArcToolBox" with its icon at the top, nothing else.

      I tried to right clic on it to add tools, but it doesn't work. When I find tools by searching them, they don't work neither: nothing happens when I clic on it.

      I found on forums that it might work by deleting the ESRI folder in the registrery and in my doccuments and settings' user account, but not for me!

      I have in my computer (everything in french): Windows XP SP3, ArcGIS10 SP4, and IE8 as I understood it can be linked with this last software.

      Anyone already met this issue?

      Any help would be greatly apreciated!