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    Production Merge Warping Edges of polygons

      When I use the Production Merge tool (in the Production Editing Advanced Toolbar) to merge two or more adjacent features contained in the same feature class, it often warps the edges of the resulting feature. I have attached a picture to demonstrate. Any ideas on why this is happening and how to stop it from doing so?


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          I tested a few different datasets on 10.0 and was not able to reproduce the issue you describe.  However, there are still a few things I can think of that you can try to see if they solve the problem.

          First, try using the Merge... option from the Editor toolbar.  The Production Merge functionality should only be different from the Merge... tool when working with geometric networks.  So in your scenario there is no reason why using the Production Merge is a better option.  So of Merge... works then I would use it.

          There are a couple other things that come to mind that you might want to try.  Do you have a topology?  If so, try validating the topology.  If you don't have topology, try running the Integrate GP tool (Data Management > Feature Class).  Both validating the topolgy or running integrate should ensure that the features exactly coincident.   Also to me the results look like you have performed a generalize.  Generalize removes vertices which could cause gaps like the ones in your image.  You could try densifying your data before running Merge to see if that helps.    

          I hope one of those suggestions work.