HotSpot Analysis from ESRI Example

Discussion created by weip on May 2, 2012
Hi, I downloaded an example from ESRI website about using hotspot to analysis crashes data. I took a close look about Model builder - Model 1 Create Network Weight Matrix and run this model and then using the script "Convert Spatial Weights Matrix to Table" to see spatial weights."INVERSE" is chosen to be a parameter in Conceptualization of Spatial Relationships, that's mean features farther away have a smaller weight than features nearby. However, it really makes me confused.

For example, I found two points are very closed,but the weight is not bigger. I attach the screenshot for reference. Such as, Unique_ID = 6810,6812,6809. Three points are very closed, but weight is small.

So could you someone help me understand this processing? Thanks so much in advance.