• Closest facility 10.2.9

    I have created an Online Locator Service because WGS didn't have the facilities I wanted in the application. Now I want to use it to find the closest facilities from "my location". I am using Android SDK 10.2.9. Can a...
    created by beena2094
  • Does Collector for ArcGIS allow domains to populate from another hosted feature service?

    We are about to deploy a modification of the Streetlight Inventory Solution using collector and our Public Works is wanting to collect the street names for the street that the pole is on as well as the cross street. &...
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  • Welcome New GeoNet Community Manager

    As we shared earlier in the year, we've been interviewing candidates to fill two open positions on our GeoNet Community team and I'm excited to announce that Michelle Mathias  has joined Esri ...
  • Is ESRI products are compatible with Super Map Products

    I have deployed ESRI products deployed in city A, Now i have to implement same operational structure in city B but wander is providing me super map instead of ESRI. If i want to integrate both cities A & B is it p...
    created by nabeelmehmood002
  • Give us back the basic ability to create folders within dialog!

    Under Consideration
    37 votes
    In the new ArcGIS Pro add folder connection dialog it is not possible to simply right click to create a new folder. Just about every other application on the planet allows this...   There is not even a...
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  • ArcGIS Powers Mutual Aid Resource Planning to Improve Community Preparedness

    By Chris McIntosh, Director, National Government Industries, Esri; and Bob Greenberg, CEO, G&H International Services, Inc.   Imagine a small town that has just suffered a significant natural disaster. It ...
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  • Add a spellchecker to ArcMap for text elements in the layout.

    Under Consideration
    1184 votes
    It would be nice to have a spell checker provided as out-of-the-box functionality in ArcMap. For example, incorporate the following script into the core software: http://arcscripts.esri.com/details.asp?dbid=12384
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  • ISO 8601 Date Format Support in AGOL, Portal, Collector, Web AppBuilder

    13 votes
    International standard date format support (ISO Standard 8601 example: YYYY-MM-DD) is not supported in any of ESRI's AGOL and Portal based solutions. Many organizations mandate the use of this date standard and not ha...
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  • Why does Arcpy produce different results than raster calculator/map algebra?

    I need to do binary thresholding on several rasters of the Color Index of Vegetation Extraction (CIVE). First, I calculate the index in Arcpy, then I load each up raster individually in ArcMap to run binary thresholdi...
    last modified by JakeNederend
  • arcpy.DisconnectUser is throwing this error - RuntimeError: Unable to disconnect: The connection ID provided is for the current administrator connection

    Hi All,    I have three different levels of database connection in ArcCatalog on my PC which I use to connect to our Enterprise GDB for various reasons.   I have my user level connection for data edit...
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  • Intermediate raster leads to incorrect final output in arcpy map algebra

    I want to calculate an index and can't figure out why 2 seemingly identical scripts produce very different results. The input raster is a multiband GeoTiff (32-bit float) and I need to use the RGB bands as inputs...
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  • Selecting area from raster

    I have a simple raster (each cell size is one meter).  From the raster, I need to select areas of contiguous cells which are 50 square feet or larger.  Is there a tool which can give me the results I need?
    last modified by aecahill
  • Nightly Update Option For Opendata Sites

    9 votes
    We have had several issues with our data updating.  After talking to other municipalities it seems to be a huge flaw in the software for customers not to have the ability to choose an automatic nightly update. &#...
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  • periodic setViewpointCenter call

    Hi, I experienced random crash with about 10Hz setViewpointCenter call. I'm receiving GPS coordinate and move a symbol on the map. When user select auto-track function, I just call setViewpointCenter to center the s...
    created by shibatahd
  • Calculate sum of 2334 raster layers

    Hello, I have 2334 raster grids (Geodatabase raster dataset, 1 band, 16 bit signed integer) that I want to sum into one raster. These rasters all have different spatial extent. Due to the large number of grids, using...
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  • ArcMap 10.4.1 - Spatial Analyst toolbox - Focal Statistics - No output

    I'm running a simple analysis of a raster layer containing discrete elevation values, using the Focal Statistics tool from within the Spatial Analyst toolbox.   Each time I have run the tool it returns an empty ...
    last modified by CMRVSUK
  • Interactively Selecting Features as a Model Parameter in Model Builder

    I feel like I am either over thinking this or I am missing something.  What I would like to do is have the user pick an input layer (feature class), set the field to dissolve on, and then finally select the parce...
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  • ArcGIS Online September Release

    The next ArcGIS Online update is targeted for September 19, 2017. While no significant user interface enhancements are planned, our goal is to provide new functionality in areas such as: Map Viewer – clustering ...
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  • Are searchcursors brutally slow? They need not be

    Background... exploring the ArcGIS module and looking at how it worked which lead me to SpatialDataFrames, the cloaked version of a Pandas df with geometry stuff, which lead me to some of its inner workings etc etc. ...
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  • Shapefile feature count vs. database count problem

    I have gotten an shapefile witch I want to open in an other program, but there seams to be an misscount of features in the shp file and the db file, how to i fix this?
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