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ArcPad Data Manager - Check Out data and Check in data

Question asked by pharrel23 on Mar 21, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2012 by KBurke-esristaff
We are using the ArcPad Data Manager to check out data for ArcPad, collect GPS data, then check data in from ArcPad back to the Geodatabase.  These tools are being accessed from within the Trimble GPS Analyst Toolbar, so this is an added layer of complexity that may or may not impact the problem.  This is being done in a class of 35 or so students learning to use integrate GPS with ArcGIS. Two problems.

1. The Check-in process seems very finicky; very dependent on pathways exactly matching.  With 35 students, somebody always manages to do something so the pathway to the geodatabase during check in is not the same as it was when they checked it out.  I can look at the *.apo that was created on check out, and see the pathway of the MXD it was checked out from (and the same folder the geodatabase is in), so can see it is different than the pathway to the geodatabase when we try to check in.  When we try to check in, we select the AXF file to check in, but the tool lists no feature classes.  The students data is fine - we can see the GPS positions as a feature class just fine in ArcPad, but can not get it checked in.  Aside from the painful lesson not to move things or change pathways, we need a fix to be able to get this data back in the geodatabase.  I am not certain exactly how check -out and check in works or if I can edit a file somewhere to get the AXF file to link back to the geodatabase.  It also may be that the Trimble GPS Analyst that is accessing the ArcPad Data Manager is causing issues, but it has to be done from within the Trimble GPS Analyst in order to do diffferential correction. 

2. Occasionally, we will successfully check in data. We can see it in the map, all looks good, then ArcMap crashes before we can 'Save Edits' in the GPS Analyst edit session.  So the checked in data is not saved to the geodatabase.  But, when we try to check it in again, the tool thinks the data has already been checked in and there are no 'new' features.  Only fix so far is to delete the folder containing the AXF file, and get a new copy from the GPS unit.  This works, but not of course if its a class and the GPS units have already been wiped.  Any way to get it to check in data again from the same copy of the AXF? Again, I can't be sure if this is a problem with the Check In tool in ArcPad Data Manager or the interface with Trimble GPS Analyst, but it has to be done from within GPS Analyst to later perform differential correction. 

Any thoughts would be appreciated.