PLTS 10.0 and ArcGIS 10.0

Discussion created by ceicher on May 6, 2010
Latest reply on May 10, 2010 by Riverside

We are hearings some questions from our customers about PLTS 10.0 and ArcGIS 10.0. Is there a document which clarifies the differences and similarities? Otherwise (Amber?), how would you answer these questions.

1. ArcGIS 10.0 will not include element placement rules, so if we want this functionality, we should use PLTS 10.0 (Product Library), correct?

2. Data Driven Pages is new in ArcGIS 10.0. Does PLTS 10.0 (Product Library) leverage this directly, or continue to use its own "flavor" of data driven pages?

3. Dynamic Text is new in ArcGIS 10.0. Will PLTS 10.0 Dynamic text directly leverage this, or provide its own flavor of dynamic text?

4. Could one use ArcGIS 10 Data Driven Pages, and Dynamic Text, and then just use PLTS for the element placement rules? Or, would you recommend PLTS (Product Library) for users that need Element Placement Rules and other advanced functionality (e.g. related to Dynamic Text and Data Driven Pages).