ArcPad 10 - Vectronix Rangefinder's (Protocols)

Discussion created by jmontgomery on Apr 25, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2012 by jmontgomery
I have been testing an older "Leica" Vector 1500 Laser product (no bluetooth capability) using Communication Port COM1 and COM2. After downloading a port monitoring program I was able to view communication while the Range finder tool was active in ArcPad. However, while running the Rangefinder Debug tool - I am not able to view any text (blue, red.) I tried running a null modem adapter with no success either. I am beginning to think that the Leica Locator/Vector Protocol is not recognizing the data transfer from the rangfinders. Maybe they are too old. I have also tried activating other extensions and I have tried many variations for Baud, Parity, etc.

1. Has anyone used later products from Vectronix (i.e. Vector IV "Bluetooth", Vector 21,  Moskito etc.) and have been successful with pairing ArcPad 10x?

2. Resources?

Thanks In Advance.