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    Hyperlinks in ArcGIS Online

      Greetings all,

      I have a .shp of counties with a field name of Cities, type string.  In some of the counties there is only one city, where as in others there are multiple.  I need each city name to by a hyperlink to the city webpage.  Is this possible?  How would I go about making this work?  Oh and it needs to work in ArcGIS online as well.  Any ideas are welcome. 

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          If each city is its own feature you can add an attribute field in ArcMap that will house the cities website URL. Then you can go into the layer properties and under display check "support hyperlinks using field:", select the new field that contains the cities website and select "URL". On the tools toolbar click the hyperlink button (lightening bolt), now when you click on the city it should open the webpage. When the shapefile is added to ArcGIS online and pop ups are enabled you can click on the city to see the pop up and in the popup you should be able to click on the url link and be taken to the web page.
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            It sounds like you want a list of cities in a field for the counties layer, and to be able to add a different link to each city in that list. I need to do something similar. Have you figured out way to do this yet?